Our Team

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Anthony is a college student pursuing a degree in veterinary studies. He loves helping customers solve difficult problems, and enjoys reading and staying up to date on all pet nutrition studies! On his free time Anthony enjoys playing with electronics and spoiling his schnauzers Orion, Luna, and Lilith.


Leonel is a college student pursuing a degree in physical therapy. His friendly smile will be the first to greet you as you walk in. On his free time Leonel enjoys playing soccer, lifting weights, and of course spending time with his Shih Tzu Daisy.


Madison is a part time high school and part time college student pursuing a career in the medical field. She loves helping customers come to positive solutions for their pets! In her spare time she likes taking leisure in going to the beach and pampering her Siamese kitten, Mia.


Alliyah is a high school graduate and will immediately bring a smile to your face when she welcomes you into the store. She helps customers to the best of her ability to come to the perfect resolution for you and your pet! In her spare time, Alliyah likes to play soccer and cuddle with her Yorkie, Mia.