Grooming Services

Pampering Services

Bath & Brush Out

Includes a bath, fluff dry, 15 minute brush out, nail trim and file, ear cleaning and a bow or bandana.

Full Service Bath

Includes a bath, fluff dry, 15 minute brush out, and basic trim (face, paws, and sanitary trim), nail trim and file, ear cleaning, spritz of cologne, and bow or bandana.

Premium Service Groom

Includes a bath, 15 minute brush-out, sanitary trim, nail trim and file, ear cleaning, and haircut to your liking. The groom is finished with a spritz of cologne and a bow or bandana. *Glands and ear plucking may be performed at the request of the pet parent. These services will not be performed if there is infection or inflammation present.

A La Carte Services


Includes supervised walks, a spacious suite, and access to water, healthy treats, and belly rubs. Can be half day or full day; rates are available.

Nail Trim

Smooth and short using clippers and/or a dremel.

Express Groom

Ideal for anxious, nervous, or fearful pets, or pet parents with a tight schedule. Your pet is groomed straight through, resulting in a shorter groom time.

Critter Oil Flea Dip

A natural flea/tick bath using a soothing and effective blend of 15 essential oils. This service is in addition to a bath or groom service.

Furminator Shed-Less Treatment

An intensive, full body, de-shedding treatment. Loose undercoat and dander are removed and then the coat is re-moisturized. The de-shedding solution is worked through the coat, further loosening the shedding undercoat which is then removed with a high velocity dryer. Your pet is then thoroughly brushed out using the Furminator de-shed tool. Ideal for allergy suffers, when done regularly can reduce shedding by up to 90%.


*De-matting will only be done if humanely possible and with as little discomfort to pet as possible, a de-matting service should not be expected if it is severe or will harm the pet in any way. We reserve the right to refuse this service at any time.

Teeth Brushing

Help prevent Gum Disease and tartar build-up using our all-natural products!

Nail Polish

We have a variety of fun colors!

Hair Feathers

A fun finishing touch!

Hair Color

Temporary, pet-safe, and fun!

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